О копейских протестах, делах Юрия Шорчева и Павла Новикова узнали в крупнейшей фракции Европарламента

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На этой неделе в ходе визита в Брюссель российской молодежной делегации в Европейский парламент, правозащитница Оксана Труфанова передала в аппарат фракции «Европейской народной партии» (через представителей немецких христианских демократов) доклад с указанием наиболее острых, на наш взгляд, проблем связанных с пенитенциарной системой России.

ЕвропарламентShort information about cases of flagrant violation of «The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms»

1) Protest in Kopeisk’s prison.
In November 2012 in Kopeysk’s prison № 6 near Chelyabinsk region happened unprecedented and the first in the history of Russian riot of prisoners, who are tired of torture, humiliation and extortion. Only 1200 people came out of their cameras to the street. They hung up banners reading «we are being tortured!», «Help!» etc.
My clients Evgeny Terekhin, Daniel Abakumov, Artem Dmitrievsky, Oleg Loktionov and others were in this prison in solitary confinement punishment cell. Employees of the administration of the colony they were beaten, they were held naked in the cold, specially infected with tuberculosis, brought to suicide.
The protest action was bloodless, none of the policemen had suffered. But at the prisoners, who are fighting for their rights against sadists, now opened a criminal case on an item 212 of the Criminal code of Russia is participating in a riot. The head of the colony Mehanov also opened a criminal case, but the prison’s politicals tries to defend it.
In addition, not investigated the matter, which was the main cause of the riot is the death of the convict Nicholas Korovkin, which hit on the head a prison officer spotted Schegol’. The convicted person then died, and the witness was also opened a criminal case for a deliberately false denunciation against the colonies. This case was fabricated against a convicted Daniel Abakumov. Now the work is already transferred in court. Daniel to be sentenced on fabricated case. As an employee who is guilty in the death of a prisoner Korovkin in the case are victims of false denunciation! By penitentiary authorities have done nothing to punish the perpetrators of employees.
On the contrary, prisoners suffering from now doing guilty. And if not intervene in the situation, they may get up to 10 years imprisonment in addition to the sentence, which they are already serving.
Plot on the TV channel Arte about it.
See the photo on application 1

2) Mordovian lawlessness.
In Saransk, Republic of Mordovia in the Supreme court is now considered no less amazing thing on a dock there were businessmen. The purpose of prosecution — take their business. And almost all been taken away. Customers crimes allegedly corrupt police officials Mordovia.
The suspect Yuri Shorchev brutally tortured in the colony, we see his body with cigarette burns, bruises. The man was in a terrible psychological state.
The lawyers asked for the investigative Committee of Russia to deal with this lawlessness, but the investigators refused to initiate criminal proceedings due to torture. In their report they wrote that it burns from the battery (summer!), and the bruises were formed due to the fact that Shorchev fell out of bed. His lawyers also have sent a complaint to the European court of human rights.
Now Shorchev almost about five years, is under arrest and sentence. He is accused of the murder of a criminal authority, but examination said that this could not be, because the DNA did not match up. But despite this it still kept under arrest.
Another person who passes on the case — Bogachev. The court released him home, but Mordovian police practically captured him. They do not allow him to walk to the house. They say that he needs their protection, and therefore they keep him on the basis of police for the city. Bogachev appealed to the court of Mordovia, he said that he was afraid of the police officers, and that he wanted to go home, but the court still, what will become of him. He did not seeking help. These people — Shorchev and Bogachev — fear that corrupt officials who seized their business and have forged against them, may even kill them.
See the photo on application 2

3) Krasnoyarsk captivity.
Krasnoyarsk colony № 17 refuses to send a citizen of Kazakhstan Pavel Novikov to the homeland. The situation has reached the intense when at stake is the life of man.
In Krasnoyarsk remand prison № 1 Novikov was severely tortured. Now he is disabled. He almost blinded eyes, appeared epilepsy due to the fact that he was hit on the head. Lawyers have appealed to the European court of human rights. After suffering torture and abuse on the territory of Russia Pavel Novikov asked Krasnoyarsk court is to leave his imprisonment in Kazakhstan. This is guaranteed by the International Convention on the transfer of prisoners. The court of Krasnoyarsk, agreed with him, the Russian Prosecutor General’s also agreed to keep it on the territory of Kazakhstan. However, the prison administration of the Krasnoyarsk region categorically does not want to lose control over the fate of Pavel Novikov, and therefore in spite of all these decisions, the Prosecutor General’s office and the court holds man in remand prison-17, like in captivity.
How will events — you can only guess. One thing is clear: the situation has reached the intense when at stake is human life. It seems that the heads of Krasnoyarsk go for broke, they violate the norms of the international Convention, ignore the decisions of the court.
The situation requires an immediate intervention of international forces. Otherwise Novikov in the Krasnoyarsk prison can be killed.
Report prepared by journalist and
human rights activist Oksana TRUFANOVA,
Russian Federation,

Вручение доклада европейским парламентариям вызвало большое неудовольствие членов российской делегации от правящей партии «Единая Россия» и ее молодежных «крыльев». Как рассказал горноалтайский журналист, так же включенный в состав делегации, Сергей Михайлов: «После того, как Оксана Труфанова публично попросила передать один из экземпляров доклада депутатам Европарламента, молодые представители «Единой России» повели себя, на мой взгляд, просто некрасиво — они попытались дезавуировать слова Оксаны, начали говорить какие-то глупости про то, что нужно, мол, обращаться в суд, а не жаловаться за пределами страны и т.д. Оксана «отбилась» и всё же вручила доклад…
Одна из помощниц депутата Госдумы (также от «ЕР») пыталась отрицать очевидную вещь — что российские суды выносят менее 1% оправдательных приговоров (я привёл этот аргумент в ходе официальной части дискуссии, защищая позицию Оксаны). Пришлось найти в Интернете и продемонстрировать соответствующую публикацию…».